Perrett Simpson provides careful, considered and resolved structural and civil engineering design and documentation for -

Architects - exploring structural solutions and detailing options to ensure the building meets with the Architect's vision, as well as the project's budget, time and buildability requirements.

Builders - providing a cost and time effective, buildable, design solution, consistent with their requirements and preferred methodologies.

Design Construct - determining the most appropriate structural solution to meet cost, time and performance requirements.

Industrial Clients - understanding the brief and providing an efficient, functional design that performs to expectations.

Project Managers - working within a team to meet the time, cost and performance requirements of the project.

We are able to provide preliminary feasibility advice on prospective projects, and are experienced at inspecting and providing advice on Heritage Buildings.

We also provide environmentally considered civil design and documentation for -

  • pavements and stormwater drainage for building developments
  • roadways & carparks for local government & new developments
  • sporting fields for local government and schools
  • street malls or squares, for local government
  • parks, bicycle paths and playgrounds for local government
  • riverside and creekside landscape and retaining works